Monday, 19 January 2009


This is shootmeup's first ever blog and we are thrilled to have become so technically savvy as to be able to open such a complicated blogspot account...

After mastering the art of using our Canon, website building and talent spotting,we thought that we might as well enrich our poor existence with a blog that wll bring to you the only true account of events. No bias included! Kind of!

So here we are! We will be publishing for you all these pictures that we take each week whether these are in our studio or in one of the hotand not so hot clubs of London!

Expect to see twinks and emos, muscles and bears, big hair and no hair, drag queens and go-gos, real dj's and cd-players, hot boys and sexy faghags, weirdos and freaks...and of course yourselves if you pose well enough for us when we see you out!

What do you do on here then?

Download your pics from here or our clubshots section on the main site, leave comments and your side of the story, drool over the hotties, join the polls and vote, get a true account of what happened, when it happened and who was at the centre of it... but above all this blog will bring you closer to our leading art of digital photography and our masterpieces.

Hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think!

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